Umbrella Insurance

Protection from costly lawsuits for about $1 a day.
Lawsuits can happen no matter how careful you are, and the legal fees and damages can be devastating. Personal Umbrella Insurance gives you an extra layer of important financial protection, above and beyond the liability coverage that your auto, home, RV, Watercraft or Motorcycle policy provides.

Personal Umbrella insurance can benefit almost anyone. That’s because accidents that result in high costs can happen to anybody. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy can help prevent you from paying out of pocket for another person’s medical or legal bills if you’re found responsible. For instance, suppose you are found liable after a guest is injured while swimming in your pool or playing in your yard. Or, suppose you are found at fault for a car accident that injures another person. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy can help cover your resulting expenses in situations like this — up to your policy’s limit.
Personal Umbrella insurance also typically extends to other members of your household, such as your spouse, children and other relatives who live in your home and who do not have auto or property insurance in their own name. So, if your spouse causes a car accident or your teen is sued for posting a libelous comment online, your umbrella insurance policy may help protect them, as well.

Here are just a handful of ways the Personal Umbrella insurance policy can protect you, and your family.

 A car accident

Imagine that your teen driver gets into an accident. Your auto insurance has $250,000 in liability coverage, but you are sued for $750,000 by the other driver. You would have to come up with the balance of $500,000. With a Personal Umbrella insurance policy, you’d be covered.

A home accident

Someone slips and falls on your property and sues you for $500,000. If you have only $300,000 of liability protection from your home insurance, you’ll have to somehow find the extra $200,000. That can be a life-changer, and not in a good way. With a Personal Umbrella insurance policy, you’d be covered.

A dog incident

Your dog bites someone, a lawsuit follows, and the lawsuit costs and damages exceed what your homeowners policy covers. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy can cover those extra expenses.

A misstep online

Someone in your family posts something online that results in a lawsuit, and you are found liable, owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Personal Umbrella insurance policy can cover that expense.

A boating mishap

If an injury is caused by your watercraft, such as a boat or jet ski, you could be liable for damages beyond what your Watercraft insurance policy covers. In this case, your Personal Umbrella insurance policy can cover that extra expense.

A renter’s lawsuit

If someone is injured while renting a property from you, that tenant could file a personal injury claim against you. You could owe hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond what your current coverage provides. With a Personal Umbrella insurance policy, you’d be covered.

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