Towing can be a risk packed and danger filled industry. That is why Reliable Risk Management wants to give you the proper coverage and strategies to manage your risk. Our agents will help guide your through the exact coverage you need to protect your business and keep your trucks on the road. With 24/7 certificates of insurance available through our website, you can count on us advocating for you whatever your needs may be. Our dedicated towing staff are always looking for new ways to help our many partners in the towing industry to succeed.

Possible insurances for your business

General Liability

This could possibly be an injury caused by loss of a car or an accident. This type of coverage is meant to cover a broad spectrum such as negligence that leads to third party injuries or property damage. you win or lose your case this coverage would cover the costs of an incident and ensure you can keep your business moving.

On-Hook Insurance

The bread and butter of towing insurance, this is a must have coverage for any towing company. It protects any cars you may have in your possession during transportation and ensures you are protected from unexpected losses.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Towing cars can be a dangerous industry as your employees perform their duties. If you have workers being paid, chances are you will need some form of workers compensation insurance. This coverage helps to ensure that your company is safe from litigation, by covering a worker’s medical fees and lost wages should they suffer a work-related injury.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This insurance coverage protects the vehicles you use from heavy tow trucks with rotators to light tow tracks or even a company vehicle. These vehicles should be insured for both accident related incidents as well as collision and non-collision damages.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a garage, automotive collision repair center, or just a home base for your trucks, you utilize protection that falls under commercial property insurance. This insurance protects against a vast range of physical losses from your computers and tools to fences and signs. This type of insurance can be key in preventing a total loss from fires, theft, wind, and falling objects.

Inland Marine

Commercial goods in transit or in the process of being transported are all covered by Inland marine insurance. This can be any goods from complete cars and diagnostic equipment to car parts and repair tools. This also covers any DTU’s (Detachable Tow Units) you may utilize.

Umbrella Insurance

This style of insurance helps to protect your assets when all else fails. If you insurance pays to its maximum amount on something like on-hook insurance, commercial auto insurance, or general liability insurance and there is still outstanding debt, your umbrella coverage comes in to cover you, ensuring you are never having to pay out of pocket.


This is a form of insurance that protects you and your business from litigation derived from accused negligence by a client and potential damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. This could potentially be something be an overlooked issue on the truck leading to larger issues or a mishandled tow. This could also include defenses costs should legal actions prove to be groundless.


This could be an oil leak or gas leak that result in an environmental danger. This insurance protects against potential environmental hazards as well as liability to injury or death caused by such environmental hazards. This insurance can also cover brownfield restoration and cleanup should there be a need for it.

Cyber Insurance

Whether you keep a advanced customer database or a simple manifest, chances are you utilize a computer. This means your need insurance that protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks. This could mean payment info, security codes or private information pertinent to clients.

Employment Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance protects your employees if they are affected by an illness or job-related injury not covered by workers compensation. It is often bundled with your workers compensation insurance to provide the best coverage.

Our Experience

Often garages and tow truck companies work closely with one another or can even share attributes with one another. If you want to learn more about what insurance is needed for a repair center, visit our page on auto garage insurance.

Our Partners

Reliable Risk Management is always available to help its partners with a range of strategies including but not limited to:

• Meeting OSHA hazard requirement

• A best practices safety library

• The ability to build a behavior-based safety program

• Create effective efficient employee training

Our team is here to help you find the coverage you need, whether it be a new insurance policy or revisions to a previous policy. Get in touch with us today!