Specialty Contracting Trades

Reliable Risk Management has experience throughout the industry of construction and specialty trades are no exception. We help to design plans for

• HVAC • Electricians • Plumbers
• Fire Sprinkler Techs • Pipe Fitters • Steam Fitters
• Landscapers • Carpenters • Painters
• Concrete Pourers • And everything in between

Insurance can be murky waters so let us guide you though the process of finding what policies fit your unique needs. We can help to create the best policy for you by implementing risk management strategies that help to create cultures of safety in your workplace.

Possible insurances for your business

General Liability

This type of coverage is meant to cover a broad spectrum such as negligence that leads to third party injuries or property damage. This could be anything from a hammer on a job site being dropped onto a passerby to a cut branch hitting a stranger’s car. This covers expenses associated with such an incident, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you have workers being paid, chances are you will need some form of workers compensation insurance. This coverage helps to ensure that your company is safe from litigation, by covering a worker’s medical fees and lost wages should a workplace accident occur.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether it is a work truck or a dump truck, this style of insurance protects your vehicles from accidents. These vehicles should be insured for both accident related incidents as well as collision and non-collision damages to prevent any major loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

Many specialty contractors operate from an office or headquarters. This in turn requires them to have commercial property insurance. This insurance protects against a vast range of physical losses from your computers and tools to fences and signs. This type of insurance can be key in preventing a total loss from fires, theft, wind, and falling objects.

Builders Risk Coverage

The time it takes to complete a full project can be hectic and sometimes unfortunate process. This is where builders risk coverage protects you and your business, protecting you against unanticipated losses before a project is completed.

Inland Marine

Protecting your goods or supplies in transit is key to prevent catastrophic losses. Commercial goods in transit or in the process of being transported are all covered by Inland marine insurance. This can be any goods from construction equipment and diagnostic equipment to solar panels and wind turbines on their way to a job site.

Umbrella Insurance

This style of insurance helps to protect your assets when all else fails. If you insurance pays to its maximum amount on something like builders risk, commercial auto insurance, or general liability and there is still outstanding debt, your umbrella coverage comes in to cover you, ensuring you are always protected from loss.


Whether it is a misfit pipe or a mishandled concrete pour, clients will most likely hold you liable in civil court for your mistakes. Professional insurance is a form of insurance that protects you and your business from litigation derived from accused negligence by a client and potential damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. This could also include defenses costs when legal actions prove to be groundless.


A spill of concrete or chemical solutions used on the job both result in environmental hazards you can be liable for. This insurance protects against potential environmental hazards as well as liability to injury or death caused by such environmental hazards. This insurance also covers brownfield restoration and cleanup.

Cyber Insurance

In the 21st century most business keep an online database of client info, containing phone numbers, payment info, addresses, both email and personal. Cyber insurance protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks.

Employment Liability Insurance

If an employee suffers a major workplace accident, sometimes workers compensation insurance can fall short. Employers Liability Insurance protects your employees if they are affected by an illness or job-related injury not covered by workers compensation. It is often bundled with your workers compensation insurance to provide the best coverage.

Protect Your Business

Reliable Risk Management understands the in and out of what contractor faces daily. We understand the dangers and pride in operating your own business. Now its time to protect that business with the proper policies and strategies. With our help you can create a risk reduction system with a culture of safety in your work and access any of our innovative solutions including

• Access to Certificates of Insurance 24/7 via our online portal
• Safety Infographics and Report Sheets
• Log OSHA incidents
• Access to a Best Practices Safety Database
• Safety Videos to train new employees effectively and efficiently

Our dedicated staff understand your needs and are here to help. We take pride in all of our partners and what they do. Get in touch with us today!