Schools create the future through the education of its youth and we at Reliable Risk Management want to partner with your organization to help achieve that goal. Whether you are a private school, a charter school, or a preschool, we want to work with you to meet all your risk management needs. Whether that is finding the right insurance package for you, assisting in one of your teacher in-services, or helping develop school handbooks, we are here to partner with you. Our agents are ready to find the perfect package to fit your school’s needs!

Possible insurances for your business

General Liability

Whether you are a large private K-12 setting or a smaller charter school, protection for your general hazards is a must. This type of coverage is meant to cover a broad spectrum such as negligence that leads to third party injuries or property damage. This would cover expenses associated with such an incident, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage

As a school, working with children is an ordinary event and therefore Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage is often recommended. Often, sexual abuse cases turn into he-said-she-said and become long and drawn out as the investigation continues. Your coverage will help to ensure you do not have to pay out of pocket for legal fees.

Business Income Insurance

Whether it’s a fire, flood or a tornado, disasters can strike at any time and cause your school to close. Business Income insurance ensures that you will have a steady flow on income if disaster were to strike, mitigating loss in the process.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Your maintenance staff, teachers, front desk staff and everything in between make up the system that runs your school. This means that you will need to offer compensation in case of job-related accident. This coverage helps to ensure that your company is safe from litigation, by covering a worker’s medical fees and lost wages if an accident were to take place.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This insurance coverage protects any vehicles you may use, such as a school bus or even potentially work trucks depending on the size of your organization. These vehicles should be insured for both accident related incidents as well as collision and non-collision damages.

Commercial Property Insurance

As a private or charter school, you operate from a property which falls under commercial property coverage. This insurance protects against a vast range of physical losses from your computers and tools to fences and signs. This type of insurance can be key in preventing a total loss from fires, theft, wind, and falling objects.

Inland Marine

Some schools may support other satellite schools, and this often means transporting school supplies between the two locations. Commercial goods in transit or in the process of being transported are all covered by Inland marine insurance. This can be any goods from desks and computers equipment to chairs and whiteboards.

Umbrella Insurance

Devastating losses can be scary, with coverage approaching its maximum, you can rest easy even, as this style of insurance helps to protect your assets when all else fails. If you insurance pays to its maximum amount on something like commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, or general liability and there is still outstanding debt, your umbrella coverage comes in to cover you, ensuring you are always protected from loss.


Whether your maintenance staff makes a mistake in repairing This is a form of insurance that protects you and your business from litigation derived from accused negligence by a client and potential damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. This could be a professional job that has a mistake and while not resulting in bodily harm, results in damages. This could also include defenses costs when legal actions prove to be groundless.


Your school may utilize weed killers for landscaping, chemicals for chemistry class or even have a small autos program. All of these various facets of a school can potentially cause an environmental hazard. This insurance protects against potential environmental incidents as well as liability to injury or death caused by such environmental hazards. This could be a range of chemical spills or other pollutants that create environmental hazards or harm. This insurance also covers brownfield restoration and cleanup.

Cyber Insurance

A school utilizes schools to not only teach schools, but to keep a database of student’s info. This database could contain phone numbers, addresses, emails, and even medical info. While this innovative technology helps to make schools efficient, it also leaves a potential vulnerabilities for the school. This insurance protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks. A potential breach of personal phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses and email addresses could all result in a use of your cyber insurance.

Employment Liability Insurance

While workers compensation insurance protects your employees to a high degree, employers liability insurance protects your employees if they are affected by an illness or job-related injury not covered by workers compensation. It is often bundled with your workers compensation insurance to provide the best coverage.

Mititgating Loss

Schools are relatively one of the safest places you can be, but that is not a reason to skip coverage. Insurance is crucial to mitigating loss to your institution and what happens to it. Get in touch with Reliable Risk Management today and review your policy.