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“Having searched for years for a partner who understands Property Manager’s needs and can help my clients nationally, I found Ben and Reliable Risk Mgmt.   Ben came highly recommended from one of my current clients and I found out WHY!   Ben consistently looks at the ENTIRE picture and assists clients to completely understand their risks so they can effectively and affordably put policies in place.”

Vicky Methven
Principal of Methven Agency Inc

Reliable Risk Management has worked with property managers all over the country to help determine a proper insurance package and risk management strategy that fits your business.

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General Liability

From sprawling commercial facilities to 2 building apartment complexes, these buildings require protection from the unknown in the form of general liability insurance. This type of coverage is meant to cover a broad spectrum such as negligence that leads to third party injuries or property damage. This could cover an accident to a guest of a tenant or a independent contractor. Regardless of whether you win or lose your case this coverage would cover the costs of an incident.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The common theme amongst any property are employees. Whether it is maintenance staff or your front desk, you need worker compensation insurance to protect them. This coverage helps to ensure that your company is safe from litigation, by covering a worker’s medical fees and lost wages should they suffer a work-related injury.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Properties can often have work trucks, cars, or even small dump trucks. This insurance coverage protects any vehicles you may use, such as a work truck or company owned vehicle. These vehicles should be insured for both accident related incidents as well as collision and non-collision damages.

Commercial Property Insurance

The common theme amongst properties is this key insurance. It helps to protect the heart and blood of your business, your property. This insurance protects against a vast range of physical losses from your computers and tools to fences and signs. This type of insurance can be key in preventing a total loss from fires, theft, wind, and falling objects.

Umbrella Insurance

Whether it’s a building fire or flooding, insurance can sometimes be used to its maximum capacity. That is why many business owners choose to have umbrella insurance. This style of insurance helps to protect your assets when all else fails. If your insurance pays to its maximum amount on something like commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, or general liability insurance and there is still outstanding debt, your umbrella coverage comes in to cover you, ensuring you are never having to pay out of pocket.


As a property manager you could potentially be using chemical solvents, grass or weed killer and other hazardous materials. This insurance protects against potential environmental hazards as well as liability to injury or death caused by such environmental hazards. This could be improperly disposed of chemicals that result in an environmental hazard. This insurance can also cover brownfield restoration and cleanup should there be a need for it.

Cyber Insurance

As a property manager, you probably utilize a database of prospects, clients, along with phone numbers, emails, addresses and potentially social security numbers. This database while relatively secure, is no invulnerable to hacking. This insurance protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks. This could be tenants phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and emails. This coverage would protect you from paying for any litigation resulting from a cyber breach.

Investors Investment Property Insurance

Also known as landlord insurance and rental property insurance, this coverage protects against the risks of owning a rental building. These risks could be claims of liability resulting a in a non-rentable unit, at which point your insurance could provide lost income.

EPLI Insurance

All business hope to hire the best employees and have the most professional environment for all their employees. Though the reality of the situation is it always better to be prepared than naught. Employment practices liability insurance mitigates loss from wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

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