Non-Profit Organizations all over the world work together to better society in groundbreaking fashions. But what happens when things go awry? Non-profit insurance programs help to protect your organization during the worst of times and the best of times.

Reliable Risk Management will help you find the best insurance policies for you including but not limited to

General Liability

Whether you are a museum, a foundation for education or fighting poverty on the streets you will always need general liability insurance. This type of coverage is meant to cover a broad spectrum such as negligence that leads to third party injuries or property damage. This would cover expenses associated with such an incident, regardless of the outcome of your case.

Workers Compensation Insurance

If your non-profit employs staff, then offering them protection is key to your non-profit being functional. This means that getting workers compensation to ensure even when suffering from injury, that they are taken care of. This coverage helps to ensure that your company is safe from litigation, by covering a worker’s medical fees and lost wages if an accident were to take place.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether it is a simple box truck transporting goods, or a fleet of vehicles, commercial vehicle insurance is key. This insurance coverage protects any vehicles you may use, such as a company vehicle or even potentially work trucks depending on your organization. These vehicles should be insured for both accident related incidents as well as collision and non-collision damages.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a headquarters, office, or you’re a non-profit museum or such, you operate from protection that falls under commercial property insurance. This insurance protects against a vast range of physical losses from your computers and tools to fences and signs. This type of insurance can be key in preventing a total loss from fires, theft, wind, and falling objects.

Inland Marine

Food and water or books and instruments are all at risk being transported and therefore all require coverage. Commercial goods in transit or in the process of being transported are all covered by Inland marine insurance. This can be any goods from construction equipment and diagnostic equipment to food and water.

Umbrella Insurance

One of the scariest times for any nonprofit owner is having to use their insurance. Even more frightening is the thought of a coverage being used, but having a policy become maxed. Umbrella style policies helps to protect your assets when all else fails. If you insurance pays to its maximum amount on something like commercial property insurance, commercial auto insurance, or general liability and there is still outstanding debt, your umbrella coverage comes in to cover you, ensuring you are always protected from loss.


Whether your providing advice on a water conservation project or educating kids, professional insurance protects you while you’re doing your job. This is a form of insurance that protects you and your business from litigation derived from accused negligence by a client and potential damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. This could be a professional job that has a mistake and while not resulting in bodily harm, results in damages. This could also include defenses costs when legal actions prove to be groundless.


Some nonprofits may find themselves using chemicals or other environmentally hazardous materials. This insurance protects against potential environmental hazards as well as liability to injury or death caused by such environmental hazards. This could be a range of chemical spills or other pollutants that create environmental hazards or harm. This insurance also covers brownfield restoration and cleanup.

Cyber Insurance

Lists of donator phone numbers, addresses, emails, and payment info are all at risk online. This insurance protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks. A potential breach of personal phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses and email addresses could all result in a use of your cyber insurance.

Employment Liability Insurance

Customer phone numbers, billing addresses and payment info could all be potentially stored online and therefore need cyber insurance. This insurance protects against potential breaches of cyberspace such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking and denial of service attacks.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage

Certain Non-profits may work closely with children and therefore may need Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage. Often, Sexual Abuse cases turn into he-said-she-said and become long and drawn out as the investigation continues. Your coverage will help to ensure you do not have to pay out of pocket for legal fees.

Our Partners

Reliable Risk Management is always looking to promote the success of its partners and make a life-long relationship. We are always looking to help with your specific risk management needs giving you access to innovative tools such as:

• Meeting OSHA hazard requirement
• A best practices safety library
• The ability to build a behavior-based safety program
• Create effective efficient employee training
• Infographics to promote workplace safety Whether your looking to review your current policy or create a totally new policy, Reliable Risk Management is here to help. Get in touch with us today!